1 oz Silver British Britannia BU (Random Year)


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Britannia Silver Coins have long enjoyed the attention of both investors and collectors due to their gorgeous design, the Royal Mint’s rich history, and metal content.

The 1 oz Silver Britannia Coin was first issued in 1997, precisely a decade after the Royal Mint released the Gold Britannia Coins.

Although they feature designs identical to their gold variants, pure silver coins shine in a completely new light and ensure the possibility of precious metals variation to your investment portfolio.

Random Year 1 oz Britannia Silver Coins offer one of the most economical ways of expanding your tangible assets with pure silver bullion from a renowned coin series.

Coin Highlights

  • Contains 1 oz of .999 fine silver;
  • Holds a 2-pound sterling face value and legal lender status;
  • Produced by the British Royal Mint;
  • Britannia, the Guardian of Britain, is the motif that names the coin series.

The Design

The image of Britannia, the renowned Goddess and Guardian of Britain, is featured on the reverse. She is seen staring at something across the sea as she struggles against a strong gale. A trident and a shield in her hands are symbols of her readiness to protect the great nation of Britain from harm; she is poised, ready to attack if threatened.

The inscriptions on this side refer to the coin’s name, weight, purity, and metal content. They read: “BRITANNIA,” “1 OZ,” “‘999 ’FINE’ SILVER’.”

The obverse design stamps the nation’s Monarch’s depiction. Until the middle of 2023, the image depicted was former Queen Elizabeth II’s effigy created by Jody Clark. However, due to Her Majesty’s passing in 2022, Royal Mint introduced the first portrait of King Charles II as the new obverse design in the second half of 2023 to welcome His Majesty.

Along with the Monarch’s name, the engravings on this side refer to the coin’s face value and the Latin initials to “By the Grace of God, Queen/King,” according to the effigy stamped.


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