1oz Silver Round (Random Design)


1oz .999 Silver Round

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1 oz Silver Rounds – Design Our Choice

Unlike silver coins, silver rounds bear neither face value nor have legal tender status. They are precious metals of high purity levels, which grants them the intrinsic value of bullion commodities.

Silver rounds tend to have lower premiums over the silver spot price compared to precious metals coins, making them a more affordable input. It allows investors to acquire more bullion per dollar invested.

Thus, many investors consider silver rounds to be a sensible investment option for those up to acquiring physical silver bullion.

Product Highlights

  • Contains 1 oz of silver
  • Guaranteed to be new and of at least .999 pure silver
  • Varied designs and mints
  • Shipped in tubes of 20 or individual protective packaging

Design Our Choice Silver Rounds

Opting for this type of shopping, clients allow Rome Coins to select silver rounds from our inventory at the shipping time.

Clients are guaranteed to receive new silver rounds weighing 1 oz of at least .999 fine silver.


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